Financial Analysis Certificate: Make Smarter Finance Decisions
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Financial Analysis Certificate: Make Smarter Finance Decisions
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Certificate in Financial Analysis Training Course | Finance Training Course

Certificate in Financial Analysis

Course Director

Arif Ahmed | Course Director

Arif Ahmed

South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

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To understand an organisation, you need to be able to analyse its financial decisions and performances. Financial statements store more value between the lines than on print. Financial analysis involves understanding the emergence of the values in financial reports. This course focuses on the information content of the financial reports and what they represent for future of the entity. Failures of mega corporations underline the importance of understanding the events behind the reports.

The course will take you through the entire process of defining a financial statement, unravelling the mysteries and myths of finance on the way, enabling you to unearth the hidden interpretations of these statements.

Who Should Attend

The course will be highly beneficial for those required to understand financial statements or those who determine performance improvement methods, as well as for those who enter into financial relationships on behalf of their organisations.

The course will be particularly helpful for finance professionals, bankers, portfolio managers, auditors, management advisors, compliance staff and corporate analysts.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Relate financial reports to organisational performance
  2. Develop an analytical framework for financial statement analysis
  3. Recognise how financial decisions improve performance and operations
  4. Conduct a value analysis of an organisation
  5. Analyse long-term decisions
  6. Identify financial risk factors and assess their impact
  7. Detect accounting manipulation

Certificate in Financial Analysis