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Certificate in Strategy Execution - Informa Connect Middle East
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Certificate in Strategy Execution Training Course | Strategy Management Training Course

Certificate in Strategy Execution

Course Director

Alan Fell | Course Director

Alan Fell

Alan Fell Consultancy Ltd (UK)

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | Education Partner – Informa Middle East
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The course is split into three main sessions:

  1. What is the strategy?
    Summary of strategic plan requirements: You cannot execute a strategy if you don’t have a clear/explicit strategy to execute. Yet, far too many organisations have a serious lack of strategic clarity. We will consider the key components of a successful strategy management system
  2. Effective monitoring of progress
    What gets measured gets managed; but simply having strategic KPIs and supporting data is NOT enough. The successful monitoring of progress, the need for corrective actions or refreshment of strategy in response to changing conditions will not happen by accident. You need to have an effective monitoring process/discipline. Your management review process needs to be focused, disciplined and decisive
  3. Culture, behaviours, disciplines
    To quote, Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. A lack of cultural alignment to strategy will prove fatal to good strategy execution. This full-day session examines the key elements of culture/discipline/behaviour necessary for successful implementation of your organisation’s strategic ambitions

The course will conclude with a certification exam of multi-option and true/false questions based on the content covered on the course.

Certificate in Strategic Finance for Non-Finance Senior Executives

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at all those in managerial/supervisory positions who are accountable for delivering business plans: for translating strategy into results.

This is not a “planning” course – rather, the course focuses upon the successful implementation of the plans. In other words, for executing the strategy of the organisation and its component business units and departments.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Understand the key components of successful strategy execution – avoid the strategic failures organisations experience
  2. Develop a wider understanding of the need for strategic agility in a fast-changing and dynamic business world
  3. Recognise the cultural challenges to achieving successful strategy implementation
  4. Develop your own Execution Status and Action Scorecard to take back and implement in your organisation

Certificate in Strategy Execution